Fire Snake

©2015 Michele Hlewicki/ Bokeh Life

Photos that capture the Spirit of Life.

Something New Everyday...

This is where I find myself.

Sunset over Lake Wallenpaupack - Finding my groove...

©2014 Gem of a Shot Photography.

I am surrounded both by natural beauty & interesting opportunities. I use my camera to document the world and print images with a focus on the magic I find. 

My photos tell my stories. 

Writer | Photographer | Lover of Family & Friends

©2019 Michele Hlewicki / Bokeh Life

 Bokeh is a Japanese word that means "blur". Many photographers strive for that visual quality of the out-of-focus areas and use them to enhances the image. 

Bokeh not only defines my style of work, but my life as a whole. 

I tend to see the Bokeh of life... obscure, out of focus images, thoughts, people… I look past the obvious to find a way to connect with the world.

Simply, living my life in the Bokeh exposes the soft, blurry parts of me; yet it also gives me clarity.

I am showing the world, one photo at a time...

©2019 Michele Hlewicki / Bokeh Life

Art  –creativity–  has always been a part of my life.  When I was introduced to photography in college I knew I was home. 

My philosophy is simple:  "Always Look Up" I shoot what people miss. The small things, the high things, things that people walk right by, essentially robbing themselves of a moment of joy.

My hope is that my work inspires people to start looking around – beyond the obvious and into the Bokeh of Life.

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Flora & Fauna

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Stonybrook-Millstone Watershed

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Always Look Up - NYC


People, Places & Beautiful Things

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