Photos that capture the Spirit of Life.

Something New Everyday...

This is where I find myself. 

I am surrounded both by natural beauty & interesting opportunities. I use my camera to document the world and print images with a focus on the magic I find. 

My photos tell my stories. 

I Am So Many Things

Wife | Mother | Photographer | Lover of Family & Friends

I stumbled upon the word Bokeh while looking for a name for my website portfolio, and realized Bokeh not only defines my style of work, but my life as a whole. 

At its root, Bokeh is a Japanese word that means "blur". The photography world adopted it and defines it as the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a image and how it enhances the image, as a whole. 

I tend to see the Bokeh of life... obscure, out of focus images, thoughts, people… I look past the obvious to see the how and why.  It’s a curiosity really, a way that I connected to the world. 

Simply, living my life in the Bokeh exposes the soft, blurry parts of me; yet it also gives me clarity.

I am Changing the View of the World One Photo at a Time...

Art –creativity– has always been a part of my life, whether being crazed about coloring in the lines, going to midnight show openings, or coming back from lunch 2 hours late because Annie Leibowitz was shooting on Broadway in NYC and I watched every second. I can still see her up on a ladder shooting, in awe of watching my hero work.

When I was introduced to photography in college I knew I was home. 

I can be walking, anywhere, and see a shot set up in my mind. Instantly I have to stop and get it. 

My dad is an architect, and whenever we go places, he is always looking up... at moldings or gargoyles, identifying styles of buildings... purposefully looking at things people ignore. If you look through my body of work you will see that trend... I shoot what people miss. The small things, the high things, things that people walk right by, essentially robbing themselves of a moment of joy.

My hope is that my work inspires people to start looking around – beyond the obvious and into the Bokeh of Life.